The perfect pair.❤

He touched her… And it was in that moment, that exact moment she felt liberated. And so did her heart. Liberated from all her worries and troubles… Because he didn’t just physically touch her, he touched her heart and soul. It was like his touch had made her untainted. His touch was somewhat magical and […]

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Capture the memories..

I always liked taking photographs. Not for the reasons that most people do though; like to flaunt a holiday destination or an outfit or even how much their partners seem to love them. No, I like photographs because they’re return tickets to memories that you hold so dear to your heart… Because even though those […]

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Fragile yet strong.

She was an artist, subtle in her creativity. And yet, a genius. For she had mastered the art of not telling you how she felt. To her, actions always spoke louder than words. She was not a poet, she was poetry in it’s purest form. Able to only be understood by those who took the […]

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